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e-Filing in Indiana: Proficient Paperless Practice, Live in 2 Locations!

e-Filing in Indiana: Proficient Paperless Practice, Live in 2 Locations!

You or your staff may have already learned the basics on how to e-File in Indiana…

Now take the next step.

Until recently the modern practice of law required the filing of reams of paper with the courts and opposing counsel. This “paper” was in addition to the files that you kept in your law office.
No longer… With the recent change in Indiana to mandatory e-Filing, many practitioners are scrambling to catch-up to the requirement to digitize all documents being submitted to the court.

This program will help guide you through the steps you need to take to have a proficient paperless practice.
• What is the best way to digitize your filing cabinets full of paper files?
• How do you organize, track, calendar, and reply to numerous e-mail requests from the court and opposing counsel for additional information?
• How do you safeguard your digital files from unauthorized access?
• How should you back-up your digital files?
• What steps should you take, right now, to exploit current technology to help you become a more proficient, efficient, and effective attorney for your client?

• Modern day paperless law office (or less paper)
• E-Filing in Indiana: A review of specific requirements & the actual e-filing process
• Converting paper to digital: Scanning options. Demonstration of desktop scanning
• PDFing for legal professionals using Adobe Acrobat & Nuance PowerPDF: Legal professionals must learn how to manipulate, edit & secure PDFs in today’s paper-free world!
• Document management: How to organize, process, & find emails & digital files in a law practice
• Case management, document automation & security
• Staying paperless on an iPad or other mobile device

Paul J. Unger is a Founding member of HMU Consulting, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. HMU specializes in trial presentation consulting, case management software, and legal-specific software training for law firms and legal departments throughout the Midwest. He has provided trial presentation consultation for over 100 cases over the past 5 years. He is also on the adjunct faculty for Capital University Law School’s paralegal program. He is the author of Microsoft Word for Legal Professionals, Amicus Attorney for Legal Professionals, Palm Devices for Legal Professionals, and Outlook for Legal Professionals, manuals designed to maximize the use of legal-specific features.

9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. (Both Locations)

AUGUST 8 – Indianapolis
– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

AUGUST 9 – Fort Wayne
– Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne

Non-Legal Subject Matter (CLE / NLS)
Up to 12 hours of your 36 CLE hour requirement can be obtained attending NLS (Non-Legal Subject Matter) seminar. MCLE Rule 29, Section 3(a).

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TGI Monday: How to Double your Work Productivity and Satisfaction!

What would it take for you to look forward to going to work every day? What is it that you do to get in the way of that happening? What is in your control and what isn’t? How do we begin to change our firm/organizational culture?

Join veteran ICLEF Presenter and nationally recognized speaker Frank Sanitate as he leads you through a discussion designed to enable you to be clearer about what is and isn’t in your ability to control; Take steps to get greater control of your productivity, your time and your enjoyment; Get peer feedback on how to address issues you face and create an organization where everyone looks forward to coming to work every day.

A great seminar to consider for enhancing your practice whether you are in a large firm or a solo practitioner.

TGI Monday: How to Double your Work Productivity and Satisfaction!
6 NLS – This program is no longer available. Please join us next time.

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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