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Cybersecurity for Lawyers – Oct.17

“60% of small companies that suffer a cyberattack are out of business within six months” – Denver Post, October 23, 2016

Will you, your law firm, and your clients be ready for the next wave of ransomware attacks? When you experience a data breach or a cyberattack, will your law firm survive? What happens during a data breach? How do you determine if you have experienced a data breach? What are the first steps you should take during / after a cyberattack? Are you willing to pay to have your critical files unlocked due to a ransomware intrusion to your computer systems?

Be prepared. Get your law firm prepared.

This seminar will provide you with proven strategies to harden your computer systems and to minimize the risks to your firm and to your client’s information. We will also discuss what steps to take should you fall victim to a cyberattack.

Good Cybersecurity consists of a multilayer, integrated, systems approach to protect your client’s and your firm’s data. This means constant vigilance, good office email policies, and staff training.

Good Cybersecurity means active awareness and keeping computer systems up-to-date. The security of your client’s information and your very livelihood depends on you taking the appropriate steps to protect and secure your firm data. This holds true for both the large law firm and for the solo / small firm practitioner.

Cyptolocker, Wannacry, and Petya are just a few of the most recent ransomware attacks around the world. Large and small corporations alike are subjected to these attacks on a daily basis; law firms are no exception. With proper planning and consistent vigilance, you will lessen your risk of becoming a victim. Attend “Cybersecurity for Lawyers” to find out what you need to do to mitigate the risk to your firm’s and your client’s data.

• How to Keep and Maintain Good CyberHygiene

• Compliance Issues and Best Practices

• Risk Management & Malpractice Concerns

• Hot Topics and Current Trends in Cybersecurity

Richard A. Mann – Chair
Mann Law, P.C., Indianapolis

Adam E. Gwaltney
Insurance Specialist, Ritman & Associates, Inc., Noblesville

Nicholas A. Sturgeon
IIFC Deputy Director Cyber, Indiana Office of Technology, Indianapolis

Bob Thompson
Vice President, Catalyst Technology Group, Indianapolis

3 CLE / 1.5 E – Tuesday, October 17; 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

– Reiling Teder & Schrier, Lafayette
– DeFur Voran, Muncie
– Taft Stettinius & Hollister, Indianapolis

– From your home or office computer

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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Banking Law & Regulation – Oct. 5

Overview of Banking Law and Regulation – Federal & State
What is a Bank; History of Banking Law; Role of Regulators; Statutes and regulations governing banking operations; Capital Requirements; Enforcement process; Compensation and Risk; Bank metrics

Banking Regulation and Compliance
Discussion of various regulations applicable to banks, including TRID, HMDA, 23A, Regulation E, Flood, BSA, OFAC, and others

Inside Discussion of the Current Regulatory Environment – (Panel)
Current “hot buttons” in examinations; How to prepare for an exam; Trends in banking practices; Impact of regulatory requirements on bank operations and lending

Loan Structure and Documentation
Impact on risk profile of bank; Credit worthiness, loan classification and reserves; debt service capabilities; Laws and regulations affecting how much credit can be extended: Legal lending limits, appraisal and loan to value requirements, Reg U, Reg O, transactions with affiliates, government assisted financing program limitations. Laws and regulations affecting how credit is extended: appraisal requirements, legally required policies dictating required loan terms, loan term implications from risk weighted capital allocations to loans.

Commercial Loan Workouts in the Current Environment

Litigating Banking Law Issues
Lender liability; regulatory traps; common documentation issues; E-Discovery and privacy issues peculiar to banks; shareholder litigation and strike suits

Ethical Considerations in Representing Banks
Internal investigations; Whistle blower matters; Conflict recognition in loan documentation, workouts, bankruptcy and litigation; Conflict waivers; attorney-client privilege limitations for documentation attorney


Karen B. Woods – Chair
MainSource Financial Group, Greensburg

Brett J. Ashton
Krieg DeVault LLP, Indianapolis

Chris Bower
MainSource Financial Group, Greensburg

Wendy D. Brewer
Jensen/Brewer, LLC, Indianapolis

Mark E. Bruin
The National Bank of Indianapolis, Indianapolis

James E. Carlberg
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, Indianapolis

Donald K. Densborn
Densborn Blachly LLP, Indianapolis

Curt W. Hidde
Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Indianapolis

Mark J.R. Merkle
Krieg DeVault LLP, Carmel

Michael J. Messaglia
Krieg DeVault LLP, Indianapolis

John W. Tanselle
SmithAmundsen, Indianapolis

Larry C. Tomlin
SmithAmundsen, Indianapolis

Sandra A. Welsh
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Indianapolis


6 CLE / .5 E – Thursday, October 5; 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

– Reiling Teder & Schrier, Lafayette
– Ice Miller, Indianapolis

– From your home or office computer

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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Law Practice Succession and Retirement Planning – Sept. 21

Laying the Groundwork: Preparing for Succession Planning & Retirement
• Factors that motivate law practice succession planning
• Developing a plan
• Considerations for the 1-2 attorney office
• Challenges faced by the smaller firm in developing a succession plan
• Considerations / Characteristics to look for in an attorney to take over your practice
• Considerations for a law practice in a smaller community
• Considerations for a law practice in a larger / more urban community
• Determining the value of a law practice
• Practical considerations when contemplating retiring from the practice of law
• Preparing Your clients for your retirement
• Preparing your firm for your retirement

Law Practice Succession Planning
• What is law practice succession planning?
• Why is law practice succession planning needed?
• What are the driving forces in law practice succession planning?
• What are the restraining forces in law practice succession planning?
• What options do you have?
• Developing a succession plan for your practice
• What to plan for in the event of you becoming disabled
• Essential legal documents in law practice succession planning – Letter of intent (LOI) – Buy/Sell contractual agreement Valuation of Law Practices
• Does your law practice have any value?
• What factors need to be considered when valuing a law practice? Ethical Issues in Law Practice Succession Planning
• What ethical issues are involved in law practice succession planning?
• What specific Rules of Professional Conduct have an impact on law practice succession planning?
• What are the ethical requirements of Rule 1.17 of the Rules of Professional Conduct regarding the sale of a law practice?
• How does Rule 23 of the Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and the Discipline of Attorneys address the issues of attorney disability and attorney surrogates? Financial Planning for Retirement
• How much do you need when you retire?
• Basics of Social Security, Medicare, Medicare Advantage/Supplement Insurance and Long-Term Health Insurance
• Retirement planning – IRAs, 401(k)s, investments

Donald R. Hopper – Chair
Hopper Legal Consulting Services & Harrison & Moberly, LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Aline F. Anderson
Aline F. Anderson, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Jason S. Gray
Aline F. Anderson, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey B. Kolb
Kolb Roellgen & Kirchoff LLP, Vincennes, IN

Kameron H. McQuay
Blue & Co., LLC, Indianapolis, IN

John M. O’Drobinak
O’Drobinak & Nowaczyk, P.C., Schererville, IN

Ted A. Waggoner
Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP, Rochester, IN

Warren A. Ward
WWA Planning & Investments, Columbus, IN

Gordon D. Wishard
The Mediation Group LLC, Indianapolis, IN


6 CLE / 1 E – Thursday, September 21: 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

– From your home or office computer

– Available after Live Seminar date

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianpolis, IN

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NEXT WEEK! 39th Indiana Law Update – Sept. 27-28

NEXT WEEK! 39th Indiana Law Update – Sept. 27-28




35th Judge Robert H. Staton Indiana Law Update: The Original Since 1979, Sept. 26 & 27, 2013 - An ICLEF CLE SeminarThe 39th Annual Judge Robert H. Staton Indiana Law UpdateTM program began in 1979 under the Chairmanship of the late Hon. Robert H. Staton. It continues to offer the finest scholarly review of the latest trends, developments and changes in Indiana Law. Offering 12 CLE credits along with 1 ethics credit, it’s an outstanding value for your CLE dollar.

Indiana Law UpdateTM has no duplicate! If you want the very finest Update program, attend on September 27-28, 2017 in the 500 Ballroom of the Indiana Convention Center or at one of the Live Group Webcast locations around the state. You can also watch from the comfort of your home or office with our Live Individual Webcasts of Day 1 & 2.

And Again This Year at the Indiana Convention Center, FREE WIFI ACCESS!


Charles M. Kidd & Kevin P. McGoff

Constitutional Law
– Kenneth J. Falk

State and Federal Tax Update
– Richard L. Bartholomew

Family and Juvenile Law
– Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael & James A. Reed

Real Estate
– Joshua C. Neal

Internet Law
– Jessica L. Ballard-Barnett & Anthony J. Rose

Insurance Law
– Richard S. Pitts

– Kevin P. Farrell

Evidence: Criminal and Civil
– Hon. Robert R. Altice Jr.

Employment Law
– Melanie M. Dunajeski

Probate, Wills, Trusts and Elder Law
– Todd I. Glass & Randall K. Craig

Business, Contracts and Banking
– F. Anthony Paganelli

Criminal Law
– Stacy R. Uliana & Jack H. Kenney

Intellectual Property Law
– Thomas Q. Henry

Health Care Law
– Gregg M. Wallander

Consumer Law
– Meghann C.T. Supino

Bankruptcy Law
– Thomas P. Yoder

Hon. Melissa S. May – Program Chair
Judge, Indiana Court of Appeals, Indianapolis, IN

Hon. Robert R. Altice, Jr.
Judge, Indiana Court of Appeals, Indianapolis

Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael
Judge, Clark Circuit Court 4, Jeffersonville

Jessica L. Ballard-Barnett
Judicial Law Clerk, The Honorable Melissa S. May, Judge Indiana Court of Appeals, Indianapolis

Richard L. Bartholomew
Girardot, Strauch & Co., Lafayette

Randall K. Craig
Law Offices of Randall K. Craig, Evansville

Melanie M. Dunajeski
Drewry Simmons Vornehm, LLP, Crown Point

Kenneth J. Falk
Legal Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, Indianapolis

Kevin P. Farrell
Cline Farrell Christie & Lee, PC, Indianapolis

Todd I. Glass
Fine & Hatfield, A Professional Corporation, Evansville

Thomas Q. Henry
Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett & Henry LLP, Indianapolis

Jack H. Kenney
Indiana Public Defender Council, Indianapolis

Charles M. Kidd
Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission, Indianapolis

Kevin P. McGoff
Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, Indianapolis

Joshua C. Neal
Barrett McNagny LLP, Fort Wayne

F. Anthony Paganelli
Paganelli Law Group, Indianapolis

Richard S. Pitts
Vice-President and General Counsel, Arlington/Roe & Co., Indianapolis

James A. Reed
Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, Indianapolis

Anthony J. Rose
Meitus Gelbert Rose LLP, Indianapolis

Meghann C.T. Supino
Ice Miller LLP, Indianapolis

Stacy R. Uliana
Uliana Law, Bargersville

Gregg M. Wallander
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath, & Lyman, P.C., Indianapolis

Thomas P. Yoder
Barrett McNagny LLP, Fort Wayne

39TH Annual Judge Robert H. Staton Indiana Law UpdateTM
12 CLE / 1 E / 12 FCL / 12 NLC
Wednesday & Thursday, September 27 & 28, 2017
8:50 A.M. – 4:45 P.M. Eastern (Both Days)

For your convenience this years program will be available simultaneously in multiple locations across the state:

– Indiana Convention Center, 500 Ballroom,
100 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225

– Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, Evansville
   One Main Street, Suite 600, Evansville, IN 47708
   Program begins at 7:50 A.M. Central Time

– Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne
   120 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46802

– Blue Chip Resort & Casino, Michigan City
   777 Blue Chip Drive, Michigan City, IN 46360
   Program begins at 7:50 A.M. Central Time

– DeFur Voran, LLP, Muncie
   400 S Walnut St, Suite 200, Muncie, IN 47305

– Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP, Indianapolis
   One Indiana Square, Suite 3500, Indianapolis, IN 46204

DAY 1   – or-   DAY 2
From your home or office computer with internet access

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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