Trial Evidence: Artistry & Advocacy in the Courtroom – Dec. 19

Program Description:
Examine evidence from the most important point of view -the judge’s – and upgrade your working knowledge and understanding of evidence with the most popular and published expert in this fast-changing field.

In this dynamic, practice-based program, Tom Mauet uses his vast experiences as a trial lawyer, law professor and judge to help you organize evidence in the way it should be – from the judge’s perspective.

Mauet frames his presentation by using the three Rs:
Is it relevant?
Is it reliable?
Is it right?

He focuses on potential problem areas – raising and making persuasive objections – and highlights his points with memorable flow charts and examples.

This highly-acclaimed, comprehensive, entertaining program is enhanced by a continuous visual presentation and a detailed evidence manual. You will find useful checklists for immediate implementation into your practice.
• Master the seven methods of impeachment;
• Define the original documents rule and utilize character traits to your benefit; and
• Revisit the law of evidence in a way that will help you win the evidentiary wars before, during and after trial.

The program includes an analysis of FRE 502 and its impact on:
• subject matter waiver
• inadvertent waivers made during the discovery process, and
• the effect of federal court orders on other federal and state court proceedings.

Program Highlights
• First steps – what to do as soon as an evidence problem arises.
• The three Rs approach to evidence.
• Making objections that persuade the judge.
• Establishing proper foundations for witnesses and exhibits.
• Nine steps of expert testimony admissibility.
• Understanding the hearsay / non-hearsay dichotomy.
• Seven impeachment methods and rehabilitation.

Is it Relevant?
• General relevance
• Special relevance
• Character traits
• Other acts
• Habit
• Policy exclusions
• Privileges exclusions

Is it Reliable?
• Hearsay and non-hearsay
• Hearsay exceptions
• Exceptions – statements
• Exceptions – spontaneous statements
• Exceptions – records

Is it Right?
• Witness competency
• Direct examination
• Experts – 9 steps
• Cross-examination
• Impeachment-7 methods
• Rehabilitation
• Exhibits – seven groups
• Original documents rule

Thomas A. Mauet
The University of Arizona College of Law, Tucson

Lee C. Christie
Cline Farrell Christie & Lee, PC, Indianapolis

Mark A. Metzger
Metzger Rosta LLP, Noblesville

Artistry & Advocacy In The Courtroom
6 CLE – Tuesday, December 19: 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

– From your home or office computer

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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Annual Bankruptcy Institute – Friday, Dec. 8

MORNING SESSION: Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy

• Recent Research from Consumer Bankruptcy Project: Attorney’s Fees, Elder Debtors, and Consumers’ struggles Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

• Bankruptcy Case Law Update

• Recent Consumer Fraudulent Transfer Trends

• Update from the Office of the United States Trustee

AFTERNOON SESSION: Issues in Business Bankruptcy – Chapters 7 & 11

PANEL I: Issues in Restructuring Cases

PANEL II: Issues in Liquidating Cases

PANEL III: Ethical Issues for Business Bankruptcy Lawyers

PANEL IV: Recent Supreme Court Cases and Developments in Bankruptcy Litigation

Mark S. Zuckerberg – Chair
Bankruptcy Law Office of Mark S. Zuckerberg, P.C., Indianapolis, IN

Christopher E. Baker
Hester Baker Krebs LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Suzette E. Bewley
United States Bankruptcy Court, Indianapolis, IN

Wendy D. Brewer
Jensen/Brewer LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Jason R. Burke
Blackwell, Burke & Ramsey, P.C., Indianapolis, IN

Deborah J. Caruso
Rubin & Levin, P.C., Indianapolis, IN

Professor Pamela Foohey
Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington, IN

Nancy J. Gargula
United States Trustee, Region 10, Indianapolis, IN

Mengying (Grace) Guan
United States Bankruptcy Court, Indianapolis, IN

Terry E. Hall
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Michael W. Hile
Jacobson Hile Kight, LLC, Indianapolis IN

Samuel D. Hodson
Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey A. Hokanson
Ice Miller LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Martha R. Lehman
SmithAmundsen LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Patricia L. Marshall
United States Bankruptcy Court, Indianapolis, IN

Michael K. McCrory
Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Indianapolis, IN

James P. Moloy
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, Indianapolis, IN

C. Daniel Motsinger
Krieg DeVault LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Andrew C. Ozete
Farmer Scott Ozete Robinson & Schmitt LLP, Evansville, IN

James E Rossow, Jr.
Rubin & Levin, P.C., Indianapolis, IN

Thomas C. Scherer
Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Susan E. Trent
Rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP, Fort Wayne, IN

Thomas P. Yoder
Barrett McNagny LLP, Fort Wayne, IN

6 CLE / 1.5 E – Friday, December 8
9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

– From your home or office computer

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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Advanced Family Law – Live in Fort Wayne – Nov. 16

Join Fort Wayne Attorney Neil Hayes and an esteemed faculty panel for our annual discussion of family law issues at the conveniently located Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne.

Family Law Update
– Andrew Soshnick

Family Law at your finger tips: The Family Law Notebook
– Thomas Massey

Ethical Considerations in Using and Responding to 3rd Party Discovery
– Paul Leonard

Avoiding the Family Feud (Cooperative/ Collaborative Practice)
– John Brandt

Appellate Matters for Family Lawyers
– Michael Michmerhuizen

Emerging Ethical Considerations of interest to Family Lawyers
– Debra Dubovich

Our day-long agenda includes a networking luncheon in the bright and airy Gallery Room of the Grand Wayne Center. So, bring your questions and leave with answers from this informal and engaging program.

Cornelius Hayes
Hayes & Hayes, Fort Wayne

John H. Brandt
Beckman Lawson LLP, Fort Wayne

Debra Lynch Dubovich
Levy & Dubovich, Merrillville

Thomas A. Massey
Massey Law Offices, Evansville

Michael H. Michmerhuizen
Barrett & McNagny LLP, Fort Wayne

Andrew Z. Soshnick
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, Indianapolis

A Masters Series Seminar
6 CLE / 1 CME / 2 E – Thursday, November 16; 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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Risk Management: The Road Map to a Better Practice – Live in Indianapolis, Merrillville & South Bend – Nov. 7-9

Properly established and efficient practice management processes and procedures can pay big dividends in protecting against malpractice claims and ethics complaints, with the added benefit that bulletproofing your practice in these small ways frees you to concentrate on your clients rather than the day-to-day operation of your firm. And while every lawyer wants effective systems, too often, though, the hardest part is developing a strategy of review and implementation of the law office operation. This program is for every lawyer who wants better procedures but lacks a road map for reaching a better practice.

• The QUIZ – A chance to test your knowledge in the latest hot topics in legal malpractice and ethics, and what you need to know to protect yourself from novel malpractice risks and ethics complaints.

• During the last two hours of the program you will receive recommended monthly action steps that will help you to reduce your exposure to malpractice and to improve your delivery of legal services.

12-Months to a Better Practice
• Month One: Strategic Planning
• Month Two: Client Evaluation & Intake
• Month Three: Conflicts of Interest
• Month Four: Engagement Letters Non-Engagement Letters Closing Letters
• Month Five: Fee Agreements
• Month Six: Calendaring Procedures
• Month Seven: Billing Procedures
• Month Eight: File Retention Policy
• Month Nine: Cybersecurity
• Month Ten: Disaster Recovery
• Month Eleven: Law Firm Advertising
• Month Twelve: Invest in Yourself

Christian A. Stiegemeyer is the Director of Risk Management for The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company and Executive Vice President of The Bar Plan Foundation. He annually conducts more than seventy Risk Management seminars, on a wide variety of ethical and legal malpractice issues, covering current issues concerning professionalism and providing practical solutions for dealing with malpractice and ethical concerns. Mr. Stiegemeyer also directs The Bar Plan’s Practice Management Program, providing on-site, personalized reviews of lawyers’ law firm practices to help improve risk management and case handling procedures. In addition, Mr. Stiegemeyer responds to The Bar Plan’s ethics and malpractice telephone “Hotline” to timely assist its insureds with issues that arise in their daily practice and has written numerous articles appearing in a variety of national, state and local bar association publications. He received his B.A. from Southeast Missouri State University and J.D. from The Saint Louis University School of Law in 1992.

Risk Management: The Road Map to a Better Practice
3 CLE / 3 E – Live in 3 Locations!

Indianapolis – Tuesday, Nov. 7; 9:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.
Live In-Person Seminar – ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis
Live Individual Webcast – From your home or office computer

South Bend – Wednesday, Nov. 8; 9:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.
Live In-Person Only Seminar – Gillespie Conference Center, South Bend

Merrillville – Thursday, Nov.9; 9:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M. Central
Live In-Person Only Seminar – Avalon Manor, Merrillville

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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