ICLEF Live Group Webcast Seminars
ICLEF Live Group Webcasts are seminars in a group setting at an ICLEF approved regional/local group webcast site.

ICLEF Live Group Webcasts are treated the same as attending a Live ICLEF Seminar or Live Satellite Seminar. There is No LIMIT on the number of CLE hours you may obtain by attending ICLEF Live Group Webcasts.

ALL listed ICLEF Live Group Webcast CLE and Ethics seminars are APPROVED for MCLE Credit under rule 29 by the Indiana Commission for CLE.

  • You may obtain ALL 36-hours of your CLE credits by attending ICLEF Live Group Webcasts.
  • You must attend an ICLEF Live Group Webcast at a moderated, ICLEF approved regional / local location (i.e., local bar association office, local law firm, community college / university campus).
  • You may receive partial CLE credits should your schedule preclude you from attending the entire ICLEF Live Group Webcast. Simply complete that ICLEF CLE Certification Sheet in your accompanying written materials and return it to the local program moderator to request partial CLE hours.
  • It is convenient! Just like a Live Seminar, you attend an ICLEF Live Group Webcast at the scheduled program time, only you do it via the internet at an ICLEF approved regional / local ICLEF Live Group Webcast location.
  • Save Time & Money! Save valuable billing time because there is reduced travel time and travel related expenses to attend the seminar at an approved regional / local live webcast location. You need not drive to downtown Indianapolis to attend a live seminar. ICLEF sends the live seminar to you via the internet. IMPORTANT NOTE: not all ICLEF programs are suitable for Live Group Webcasting. Please see the ICLEF website for a listing of programs that are to be broadcast via a live webcast.
  • Active participation – ICLEF Live Group Webcast include live video and audio of the presenters, PowerPoint slides and seminar handout materials.  You have the ability to participate directly with the presenters by asking your questions through e-mail, telephone and facsimile, making this method of CLE both interactive and interesting.
  • Program written materials (paper copies) will be distributed to each attendee at the ICLEF Live Group Webcast locations. Attendees that pre-register online for an ICLEF Live Group Webcast may also review the program materials electronically via the web prior to arriving at the group webcast location.

PLEASE NOTE: ICLEF Live Group Webcasts are considered Live programs and there are N0 MCLE limits on the number of ICLEF Live Group Webcasts that you may attend as long as the ICLEF Live Group Webcast meets the following conditions:

  • The group viewing location must be an approved ICLEF regional / local webcast location.
  • The group viewing location must be in a setting with a program moderator present throughout the Live Group Webcast.
  • The group viewing location must have a moderated attendee check-in process.
  • The group viewing location must provide program attendees with a method to ask questions via e-mail, telephone or facsimile connection.
  • The group viewing location must also conform to the rules set forth by the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Commission under Disciplinary Rule 29 MCLE Guidelines, Section 3(a)(4).

If you would like additional information on establishing an ICLEF Live Group Webcast site in your area, please contact ICLEF at (317) 637-9102 or via e-mail at iclef@iclef.org


ICLEF Live Individual Webcast Seminars
PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the proper accreditation of your ICLEF ONLINE CLE credits for the current CLE year, you must complete the ENTIRE online seminar PRIOR to 12-midnight EST (Indianapolis Local Time) December 31.

ICLEF Live Individual Webcasts are treated much the same as ICLEF On-Demand seminars. Under rule 29 you are allowed to take 9 hours of your 36 CLE hour requirement via online methods.

ALL listed ICLEF Live Individual Webcast CLE and Ethics seminars are APPROVED for MCLE Credit under rule 29 by the Indiana Commission for CLE.

  • You may take up to 9-hours of your 36-hours of required CLE credits by attending ICLEF Live Individual Webcasts.
  • You may attend an ICLEF Live Individual Webcast from your office, home or from anywhere with an established internet connect.
  • For the best viewing experience we recommend that you connect via a high speed internet connection (DSL, T-1 or Cable Modem). Some law firms may restrict access to streaming video, so we also recommend that you test your connection prior registering for the ICLEF Live Individual Webcast by clicking on this Test Your Connection link.  Connecting via a dial-up modem is not recommended!
  • Registration – To view a Live ICLEF Individual Webcast you must establish a personal ICLEF Online Account and register using a credit card. To establish your ICLEF Online Account Click Here.
  • Written materials will be available on your computer through your ICLEF Online Account as a PDF file.  You are then free to print out your materials or review them online prior to or during the program. A separate print copy of the written materials will not be distributed.
  • CLE Credits – Your attendance is tracked via your personal login through the ICLEF website. At the conclusion of the ICLEF Live Individual Webcast” you will be asked to supply from two to four key words/ participation codes that will be displayed, on your computer screen, randomly during the course of the program. Once you have successfully entered the appropriate key words at the conclusion of the live webcast, ICLEF will send you a Certificate of Completion. ICLEF then will automatically report your CLE credits to the Indiana Commission for CLE. You will need to do nothing further to report your CLE hours.
  • To receive CLE credit for an ICLEF Live Individual Webcast you must watch the Webcast program in its entirety. Partial credit will not be awarded for viewing ICLEF Live Individual Webcasts.
  • You cannot receive CLE credits for watching an ICLEF Live Individual Webcast with someone else – you must login as an individual and watch it through your personal login via your ICLEF Online Account.
  • Questions may be asked of the live presenters via e-mail, telephone or facsimile.
  • To ask a questions of the seminar faculty via e-mail, simply click on the live webcast “Forum” tab and type in your question at anytime during the program. Your question will be addressed by the faculty at the appropriate question and answer time during the program. Based on the volume of questions submitted, your question may not be addressed during the live portion of the program. Should this occur, we will ask our faculty to reply to your question via e-mail after the program ends.
  • To ask a question by telephone please call ICLEF at (317) 637-9102 and your question will be transcribed and e-mailed to the faculty during the program.
  • To fax your question please transmit your question to the ICLEF fax number at (317) 633-8780.
  • TEST your CONNECTION and your ability to access ICLEF Live Individual Webcasts by going to the ICLEF Website by Clicking on this Test Your Connection link. If you have difficulty connecting, please contact our webcasting technical support line at (877) 880-1335


ICLEF On Demand Seminars
All listed ICLEF On Demand seminars are approved for MCLE credit under rule 29 of the Indiana Commission for CLE. You may take up to 9 CLE hours of your 36 CLE hour requirement via Online/On Demand video methods. See Disciplinary Rule 29, Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Guidelines, Section 3(b)(5) for more information.
PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the proper accreditation of your ICLEF ONLINE CLE credits for the current CLE year, you must complete the ENTIRE online seminar PRIOR to 12-midnight EST (Indianapolis Local Time) December 31. To receive CLE credit for an ICLEF ON DEMAND seminar you must watch the ON DEMAND program in its entirety. Partial credit will not be awarded for viewing ICLEF ON DEMAND seminars.


Who do I call to check on my CLE credits? – The Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education at (317) 232-1943.  Click Here to visit the Mission of the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education, to learn about Indiana’s MCLE requirements and to check your CLE credits online.


Is the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education the same as ICLEF?No, the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education regulates and tracks CLE in Indiana.  ICLEF is a provider of CLE training and reports CLE to the Indiana Commission for CLE.


What help does ICLEF offer attorneys who are in need of financial assistance attending an ICLEF CLE seminar?
In 2006, the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF) created the ICLEF Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund was originally established to help meet the educational needs of attorneys and continues to provide much needed relief to those facing a financial crunch. The ICLEF Scholarship Fund allocates money annually to cover the costs of registration and materials for those attorneys who are selected through an application process. Candidates must submit an application to ICLEF and must be an Indiana attorney in good standing. The application should include a description of scholarship need, addressing any financial, family, health or other factors that necessitate financial help. The applicant should also describe how the particular ICLEF course will benefit the individual and his or her law career. Due to the demand for this scholarship, a maximum of six (6) hours will be awarded per person per calendar year, unless otherwise approved. Applications are accepted year round. Please submit your application at least two weeks prior to the ICLEF seminar for which you are seeking a scholarship. Attorneys interested in more information on scholarship opportunities from ICLEF may contact Marie Wilmer at: ar@iclef.org -or- (317) 637-9102, ext. 236.  To download a printable PDF registration form Click Here.