The Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF) was incorporated on April 16, 1964 as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation to provide quality Continuing Legal Education.

In the nearly 50-years since ICLEF’s founding there has been a tremendous increase in the complexity and intricacy of the practice of law. From typewriters, carbon paper and perfect bound books to high speed duplicators and paperless, searchable electronic books on CD-ROM, ICLEF has always been at the leading edge of the technology wave.

Once where attending live, in-person, seminars or videotape replays were the programming options, ICLEF is today at the forefront of CLE providing high quality, live, interactive webcasts and on demand seminars to Indiana attorneys located not only in Indiana, but around the world.  With our increase in technology ICLEF has been able to serve the Indiana attorney in every county in Indiana and in nearly every state in the United States. We also serve Indiana attorneys located in far away places such as Tokyo, Japan; Palikir, Pohnpei, Micronesia; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Singapore; Hong Kong and Great Britian.

ICLEF is dedicated to providing Indiana attorneys with the highest quality, most relevant and timely continuing legal education available, no matter if they practice law across the street or half a world away. We are there when you need us.