Law Practice Succession and Retirement Planning – Sept. 21

Laying the Groundwork: Preparing for Succession Planning & Retirement
• Factors that motivate law practice succession planning
• Developing a plan
• Considerations for the 1-2 attorney office
• Challenges faced by the smaller firm in developing a succession plan
• Considerations / Characteristics to look for in an attorney to take over your practice
• Considerations for a law practice in a smaller community
• Considerations for a law practice in a larger / more urban community
• Determining the value of a law practice
• Practical considerations when contemplating retiring from the practice of law
• Preparing Your clients for your retirement
• Preparing your firm for your retirement

Law Practice Succession Planning
• What is law practice succession planning?
• Why is law practice succession planning needed?
• What are the driving forces in law practice succession planning?
• What are the restraining forces in law practice succession planning?
• What options do you have?
• Developing a succession plan for your practice
• What to plan for in the event of you becoming disabled
• Essential legal documents in law practice succession planning – Letter of intent (LOI) – Buy/Sell contractual agreement Valuation of Law Practices
• Does your law practice have any value?
• What factors need to be considered when valuing a law practice? Ethical Issues in Law Practice Succession Planning
• What ethical issues are involved in law practice succession planning?
• What specific Rules of Professional Conduct have an impact on law practice succession planning?
• What are the ethical requirements of Rule 1.17 of the Rules of Professional Conduct regarding the sale of a law practice?
• How does Rule 23 of the Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and the Discipline of Attorneys address the issues of attorney disability and attorney surrogates? Financial Planning for Retirement
• How much do you need when you retire?
• Basics of Social Security, Medicare, Medicare Advantage/Supplement Insurance and Long-Term Health Insurance
• Retirement planning – IRAs, 401(k)s, investments

Donald R. Hopper – Chair
Hopper Legal Consulting Services & Harrison & Moberly, LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Aline F. Anderson
Aline F. Anderson, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Jason S. Gray
Aline F. Anderson, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey B. Kolb
Kolb Roellgen & Kirchoff LLP, Vincennes, IN

Kameron H. McQuay
Blue & Co., LLC, Indianapolis, IN

John M. O’Drobinak
O’Drobinak & Nowaczyk, P.C., Schererville, IN

Ted A. Waggoner
Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP, Rochester, IN

Warren A. Ward
WWA Planning & Investments, Columbus, IN

Gordon D. Wishard
The Mediation Group LLC, Indianapolis, IN


6 CLE / 1 E – Thursday, September 21: 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

– From your home or office computer

– Available after Live Seminar date

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianpolis, IN

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