Pat Shoulders Receives ICLEF’s Highest Honor

On the evening of July 26, 2017, ICLEF President Marsha Volk Bugalla presented Evansville attorney Patrick A. Shoulders (Partner, Ziemer Stayman Weitzel & Shoulders LLP) the esteemed Excellence In Continuing Legal Education award on behalf of the ICLEF Board of Directors. The celebration occurred as part of the Board’s annual dinner meeting.

Joining Pat that evening were his wife, Lisa, along with former Excellence in CLE award winner Judge Melissa S. May and her guest, David Kent. The award carries with it a tremendous honor, as very few have received it. The inscription on the award reads as follows:

For being one who has actively participated and worked to enhance the quality and professionalism of continuing legal education in the State of Indiana, and

In gratitude for the efforts of innovative leadership and the pursuit of excellence in continuing legal education…and be it further known that this jurist is hereby accorded the distinctive recognition and has the admiration of this organization and the attorneys of the State of Indiana that comprise its membership.

Pat has been a loyal friend and extremely talented faculty instructor of ICLEF for over 30 years. His gifts of charisma, uncanny humor, and a pure passion for teaching have always brought an unparalleled energy to the programs which he participated on as either instructor or chair.

A graduate of the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis, Pat was admitted to the Indiana Bar in 1978. He began his work with ICLEF in the 1980s, and became a fixture in trial and litigation curriculums by 1990. One of his more well-known highlights came in 1996 when he portrayed the fictional character “Dewey C. Howe” in ICLEF’s production of The Trial of John Wilkes Booth during the 100th Anniversary celebration of the ISBA. Shoulders’ character, Howe, was a stagehand who worked behind the scenes of the famous Ford Theater in Washington, D.C. The catch phrase of “bushy” (boooshay) became legendary during that production, as Howe described the hair of a stranger that he had observed in the darkness of the theater during the play that President Abraham Lincoln attended on the evening he was shot by John Wilkes Booth.

In addition to numerous other litigation and appellate programs, for the past 20 years Pat has served as one of the co-chairs for ICLEF’s Trial Advocacy Skills College, or “Trial Camp.” Each year he gives the participants nicknames based on how he perceives them to be seen through the eyes of the jury, as well as their personality, characteristics and tendencies. It is not unusual to receive thank you letters from past participants of the program, and they often include their nickname that Pat gave to them under their signatures.

In doing all of these things, Pat has successfully been able to orchestrate a harmonious balance between his practice, family life, as well as serving as one of IU’s Trustees. Those that are familiar with Pat know that he has never met a microphone he doesn’t like. Pat lives for the moment, and still brings that gregarious nature to every ICLEF program he is on. Seminars light up when Pat enters the room – and although you never completely know what is coming next, it was always memorable.

Congratulations, Pat, from all of us at ICLEF!


Past Excellence in CLE Award Recipients:

Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard (retired)
Indiana Supreme Court

Honorable Melissa S. May
Indiana Court of Appeals

Robert C. Beasley

Richard S. Pitts

Andrew C. Mallor

Thomas R. Lemon

MaryEllen Kiley Bishop

Michael P. Bishop

John M. O’Drobinak
Crown Point

Alan M. Hux

Linda K. Meier

Mark W. McNeely

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