Excellence in CLE Award Recipients

ICLEF would like to recognize the efforts of several extraordinary people. These individuals received the highest award of achievement ICLEF bestows to those who have committed their efforts to our distinct mission as Indiana’s premier provider of CLE – The “Excellence in Continuing Legal Education Award.”

The list of past recipients of the Excellence in CLE Award reflects some of the best and most dedicated to our profession including:
• Former Chief Justice Randall Sheperd
• Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Melissa May
• Muncie attorney Bob Beasley
• Arlington & Roe Vice President Rick Pitts
• Nationally recognized family law attorney Andy Mallor

These Excellence in CLE recipients belong in this elite group for their tireless and committed efforts to ICLEF and their limitless enthusiasm to continuing legal education. We are honored to call you friends and colleagues.


MaryEllen Bishop
MaryEllen Bishop has been a long time friend of ICLEF and has served and continues to serve this organization through her efforts as both a faculty member and a faculty chair in ICLEF’s expansive Estate & Trust curriculum. Most notably, MaryEllen has co-chaired ICLEF’s annual Midwest Estate Tax and Business Planning Institute since 2012. Her diligence and care leading the Institute have preserved the seminar as one of the most relevant in the Midwest, while maintaining the tradition, integrity and quality that have made the Institute a bedrock of ICLEF’s curriculum for 43 years.

While balancing both her private practice and her significant responsibilities as a Trustee of Indiana University – instead of suggesting to ICLEF she diminish her role in programming, MaryEllen asked “What can I do to continue to help?” It is this genuine response and care to educate Indiana lawyers that makes MaryEllen such an integral part of this organization.


Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop has served ICLEF in several capacities over the years. Having served two terms on the ICLEF Board, including as an Executive Committee member, Michael has also been an ICLEF Committee Chairperson, a Program Faculty Member, and a Program Chairperson.

Michael has not only helped shape ICLEF’s Alternative Dispute Resolution curriculum, but he remains actively involved in numerous ICLEF efforts including our complex litigation and adoption law seminars and our four-day intensive workshop the Trial Advocacy Skills College.

It is not simply Michael’s effective and appropriate leadership or the inexhaustible enthusiasm he brings to CLE that we recognize him. Most significantly, we recognize him for his untiring support of ICLEF and its mission.


Thomas Lemon
While his tenure as ICLEF President in 1992 may be well remembered, his legacy to this organization and the practicing bar of Indiana will no doubt be his work as Primary Instructor for the ICLEF 40-Hour Civil Mediation Training.

For the past 24 years, Tom has led this five-day intensive course, and has done so as many as four times a year, on behalf of ICLEF. Through these efforts, it is safe to say that the style and effectiveness of the mediation process in Indiana has been directly shaped and influenced by his teachings.

His love of teaching could be seen on his face each time he entered the building to prepare for the week long effort. He will truly be irreplaceable.


Mark-McNeely-ICLEF-1Mark McNeely
Mark McNeely has served this organization with several terms on the ICLEF Board of Directors. But the apex of his involvement came in 2010 through 2012 when serving as President of ICLEF. At that time, ICLEF significantly changed its corporate governance to reflect a leaner, more flexible organization, enabling ICLEF to quickly adapt to the changing educational needs of the Indiana legal community. It was the steadfast and resolute character shown under Mark’s leadership that set ICLEF on the path to a bright future.

While Mark’s term as a Member of ICLEF’s Board of Directors has expired, we know that he will remain an important part of this organization for years to come.


Alan-Hux-ICLEF-1Alan Hux
Taking the helm as President after Mark, Alan Hux has led ICLEF these most recent years during a time of transition and succession. During his tenure, we have reshaped our bylaws to allow more involvement of those purposely dedicated to continuing legal education. As well, he addressed the difficult task of developing and executing a proper succession plan of our staff leadership that had remained steady for almost 25 years.

Through all of this, Alan was a constant and trustworthy steward of ICLEF’s best interest, its present and its future.


Linda-Meier-ICLEF-1Linda Meier
It is hard to envision an ICLEF without Linda Meier, and fortunately we do not yet have to. It is important to recognize the contributions Linda has provided thus far.

She has served ICLEF in the roles of program faculty, program chairperson, board member, committee chairperson and its President. She has been the face and voice of ICLEF, representing ICLEF by attending meetings, symposiums, dinners, conclaves, lectures and law-related functions too numerous to count.

Never has she ignored the needs of ICLEF. Through all of these efforts and demands, her loyalty and commitment have never wavered.


John M ODrobinak, Secretary, Board of Directors, ICLEFJack O’Drobinak
Jack’s enthusiasm for the law is only matched by his love of teaching. In addition to serving on the ICLEF Board, including serving on ICLEF’s Executive Committee, Jack has been extremely active in seminar development, having presented in over 60 ICLEF seminars as well as drafting three “ICLEF Legal Publications” – The Guardian’s Handbook, The Estate Planner’s Index and The Trust Account Systems Manual.

Jack will go down as one of ICLEF’s most prolific faculty, presenting in any format from one hour to six hours and to any practice level from fresh-out-of-law-school to addressing some of the most complex estate administration issues.

His quick wit and “no nonsense” presentation style have endeared him to ICLEF audiences statewide these many years. But make no mistake; those of us who have worked with Jack know there is a great deal of work and preparation that goes into every presentation. His desire for excellence is what we wish to recognize.


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