Law Tips: Expert Input on Estate Planning for Digital Assets – With Forms!

It’s my pleasure to share with you a timely pointer from John O’Drobinak, ICLEF Estate Planning faculty member. Mr. O’Drobinak reminds fellow practitioners of the importance of assisting clients with a plan for their digital assets. Getting to the heart of the matter, he’s also providing the forms he uses in his practice.

Digital assets are becoming commonplace in estates and trusts. The fiduciaries charged with the valuation and access to the Decedent’s assets now face a new challenge. This challenge is not one traditionally encountered.

Digital assets consist of information that is electronically stored or accessed on an electronic device. It can be stored on hardware or in online accounts. This could be for social networking and media sites, blogs, cloud storage, banking services, and investment services. Even if the fiduciary knows that these are digital assets, accessing them may still be a problem.

The only way to insure against this is for the Decedent to prepare a list of digital assets and passwords. Needless to say, this must remain confidential, and needs to be updated from time to time.

To access the forms that Jack utilizes to insure his clients digital assets are handled per their wishes and efficiently click here: Confidential Record of Digital Assets-Passwords


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John M. O’Drobinak, O’Drobinak & Nowaczyk, P.C., Schererville, IN
Mr. O’Drobinak has practiced law in Lake County, Indiana, since 1960. He graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 1957 and received his Juris Doctor Degree from Indiana University in 1960. An attorney with a broad range of experience, Jack’s areas of concentration include estate planning, guardianships, trusts and probate. A widely sought speaker and seminar leader, Mr. O’Drobinak frequently makes presentations in the fields of estate planning, probate and pre-disability planning

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One Response to “Law Tips: Expert Input on Estate Planning for Digital Assets – With Forms!”

  1. Robb Minich says:

    This issue is certainly one to think about. I worry about the wisdom of having clients commit all this information to writing, however.

    As an attorney, I would never agree to hold on to such a list: the potential liability from a security breach could be catastrophic. I wouldn’t advise my clients to make such an openly-read list, either.

    I do think the idea has merit, though. I could see the list being less prone to unauthorized use if it was written in a kind of personal cipher. I’ll leave that to your imagination; I just worry about committing such a concentrated amount of financial information and security information in a single document.

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