Estate Planning for Gray Divorces – Jan. 30

Americans over the age of 50 are getting divorced at a record rate – doubling since 1990. Sociologists have coined the term “gray divorces” to describe this phenomenon. In a gray divorce, each spouse often leaves the marriage with a grouping of assets unlike members of any other age group getting divorced. Jim Reed & Lisa Goddy (Bingham Greenebaum Doll) walk you through several key planning steps when faced with this difficult situation, including:

• Involving a financial advisor – identifying assets for settlement, developing a realistic living budget, continued employment
• Life planning and transition – what values does the client most cherish?Part of the planning experience
• Interim Estate Planning before the divorce is final
• What roles should certain family members, such as the children, play in decision making processes?
• Managing care after the divorce
• The role of life insurance
• Pre-marital agreements for subsequent relationships

1 CLE – Friday, January 30, 2015    12:15 P.M. – 1:15 P.M.

Live In-Person Seminar
– ICLEF Conference Facility, Indianapolis

Live Individual Webcast
– From your home or office computer

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