35th Annual Indiana Law Update: Judge Staton’s Legacy Marches On

The tradition of excellence established by Judge Robert H. Staton for the Indiana Law UpdateTM in 1979 marches on. Another large group of attendees experienced that standard at this year’s seminar on September 26 and 27. Our congratulations to the new chair, Judge Melissa May, Indiana Court of Appeals. Due to her leadership and the exemplary contributions of a top-notch faculty the Staton legacy is going forward.

35th Annual Judge Robert H. Staton Indiana Law Update 2013, Sept. 26 & 27, 2013

During her introductory remarks, Judge May reflected on her personal experiences with Judge Staton, explaining his dedication to the law and to the Indiana Law UpdateTM: “ He was a lover of the law. He loved to talk about the law, read about it and speak about it. He was intent on bringing together the best and brightest speakers with the most experience in the areas of Indiana law as it changed each year. He was successful in that goal.”

The practical experience and leadership skill that Judge May brings to the Indiana Law UpdateTM, in addition to her personal insight into Judge Staton’s ideals, are a perfect fit to carry on his legacy. Equally as important are the faithful attendees year after year who choose this CLE for its reputation and the standards that are met. That is exactly how Judge Staton envisioned 35 years ago that it would be today. As the 500 Ballroom at the Indiana Convention Center filled on the morning of September 26 and the program progressed, Judge Staton’s desires were once again achieved.

Of course, the traditions of the Indiana Law UpdateTM are cemented by the dedication and skill of the faculty. Once again this year, they packed the most powerful punch imaginable into 12 CLE credit hours with thorough overviews and analyses of cases and legislation. Thank you, once again, to each of the 24 speakers for their outstanding contributions. Following is a taste of the topics presented by the expert panel for the 35th Annual Indiana Law UpdateTM:

  • Chuck Kidd and Kevin McGoff – Ethics – Unique vignettes and commentary on grievance matters.
  • Geoff Grodner – Business, Contract and Banking – Extensive case law and legislative update.
  • Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael and Jim Reed  – Reviews of important 2012-2013 Juvenile Law cases, paired with
  • coverage of the most current Family Law matters.
  • Hon. Paul D. Mathias – Apps and Other iThoughts for Lawyers – Relevant recommendations for computing.
  • Murray Clark and Steve Hardin – Real Estate – Thorough case analyses; contracts, foreclosures, titles, etc.
  • Tony Rose – Internet Law – Pertinent review of security, privacy, advertising and other matters.
  • Laura Reed – Insurance Law – Case review, ranging from insured endorsements to subrogation rights.
  • Kevin Farrell – Torts – Current overview, covering defamation, discovery, dismissal, et al.
  • Hon. Nancy Vaidik – Evidence, Criminal and Civil – Comprehensive analysis of current cases, plus commentary.
  • Mike Ralston and Art Scherbel – State and Federal Tax Update-Legislation, court cases and regulatory changes.
  • Todd Glass and Randall Craig – Probate, Wills and Trusts – Case law and legislation applying across the board.
  • Guy Relford – Gun Law – Review of changes in Indiana law relating to firearms, both legislative and court cases.
  • Melanie Dunajeski – Employment Law – Indiana statutory changes, case updates and emerging trends.
  • Tom Henry – Intellectual Property Law – The impact of the America Invents Act on the general practitioner.
  • Kevin Woodhouse and Taryn Stone – Health Care Law – Changes under ACA, HIPAA and other legislation.
  • Larry Landis – Criminal – Comprehensive discussion of current Indiana Criminal cases and related legislation.
  • Tom Yoder – Bankruptcy – “The Closer”  provides his annual update on Bankruptcy and Commercial Law.

Chuck Kidd, Kevin McGoff & Judge Melissa S. May at the 35th Indiana Law Update  Chuck Kidd, Kevin McGoff & Judge Melissa S. May at the 35th Indiana Law Update

After 35 years of the Judge Staton legacy of excellence, Judge May’s faculty met his goal again. If you missed the program in September, you still have an opportunity to attend the Original Indiana Law UpdateTM in a location nearby.  ICLEF has scheduled the video replay in over 20 locations throughout the state. Learn the latest trends and developments in Indiana law from an outstanding faculty made up of some of the finest minds in our legal community. Click here for additional information.

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