Law Tips; Art of Legal Persuasion, Part 3; A Bibliography

All communication is based on perception. It is an active process for both the sender (attorney) and the receiver (Judge or jury). The receiver is part of the active process and no messages will be effective unless the message intended to be sent is the same one as the Judge or jury actually receives.

We’ve been fortunate for the past two weeks to draw on the expertise of J. J. Stankiewicz for communicating in the courtroom.  If you missed either Part 1 or 2 of our Law Tips series on “The Art of Legal Persuasion,”  they are still available on this webpage. In his presentations, JJ draws on his extensive background as a trial attorney and his study of human behavior. Of course, in preparing his CLE training sessions he also consults the latest wisdom of others he respects. Hence, I believe it’s appropriate to conclude this series with his bibliography from “Trial Tips: The Art of Legal Persuasion.” Here’s an opportunity to find more helpful pointers on communicating effectively:

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  • Masur, Jonathon “How Judges Think: A Conversation with Judge Posner” (Chicago Law School Alumni Magazine, spring 2008.)

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us here on Law Tips. Again, I appreciate the participation of our CLE faculty member, J. J. Stankiewicz. Without the generosity of all of our contributors, the benefits would be zero!  If you want to refer back to Part 1 or 2 of this series, scroll down.


Our Law Tips Faculty Participant:
J. J. Stankiewicz has practiced law in Lake and Porter County, Indiana since 1973. A widely sought counselor and trial attorney, Mr. Stankiewicz has enjoyed a diverse practice which has encompassed interim public service appointments. These have included prior appointments as special municipal corporation counsel, public safety Director, Civil Service Commissioner, and County Election Commissioner. In turn, his management experiences have included appointments as regional manager for a national title insurance company, and corporation counsel. His practice is now concentrated in the areas of real estate, family and personal injury law.

About our Law Tips blogger:
Nancy Hurley, Law Tips blogger, has long-standing connections with Indiana lawyers. She was formerly a member of the ISBA and IBF staffs for over 30 years. Nancy’s latest lifestyle venture is with ICLEF. We are utilizing her exceptional writing and interviewing skills while exploring how her Indiana-lawyer background fits with ICLEF’s needs. When she isn’t ferreting out new topics for Law Tips, her work can be found in our Speaker Spotlight blogs, postings on the ICLEF Facebook and Twitter pages, and other places her legal experience lends itself.

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