Family Negotiations and the Holiday Season

Written by Marty Latz, Latz Negotiation Institute

With the holiday season now upon us, here are a couple of negotiation tips to help make sure your family relationships not only survive the stress this time of year can sometimes bring, but thrive and flourish.

Most importantly, recognize that family negotiations should be approached and engaged in much differently than standard business negotiations.  In family negotiations, avoid more competitive negotiation tactics and always take a problem-solving approach.

This typically includes 1) sharing important information openly, 2) taking actions which build and confirm trust, 3) avoiding the overt use of a leverage advantage and instead relying on independent standards, and 4) avoiding aggressive moves and tactics.

And be sure to focus on listening to and understanding those involved and identifying their feelings and emotions.  Consciously acknowledging their perspective can make a big difference.

Happy Holidays!


Marty Latz is the founder of Latz Negotiation Institute, a national negotiation training and consulting company, and ExpertNegotiator, a Web-based software company that helps managers and negotiators more effectively negotiate and implement best practices based on the experts’ proven research.  He is also the author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want (St. Martin’s Press 2004). He can be reached at 480-951-3222 or

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