Trial Tips & the Art of Legal Persuasion

Persuasion is a key skill to have in the arsenal of a successful attorney, especially if you are involved in litigation.  Persuasion is also an artful skill, meaning that each person must recognize the need to continually learn and improve upon their craft.  Convincing a judge, jury or mediator of your client’s position often sways upon your ability to effectively, and influentially, communicate the most critical information.  On two upcoming occasions, September 26 in Merrillville, and October 4 in Indianapolis, ICLEF will present an engaging live program addressing persuasive strategies to help you with each phase of the trial process.  The presenters will not only instruct, but also utilize live example vignettes that illustrate both good and bad examples.  The final part of each topic will consist of an analytical discussion, including the audience, regarding the persuasive effectiveness of each vignette demonstration – did it work?; what was good, bad, or impressive?; if it didn’t work, what would have been more effective?  The program will offer 6 hours of CLE credit.  From the beginner to the most advanced, there will be something valuable for everyone.

Trial Tips & the Art of Legal Persuasion – 6 CLE
This program is no longer available as a Live In-Person Seminar. However, you can still view the Video Replay, the Online/On Demand Video or purchase the Publication of this Seminar by Clicking Here.

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