The Big 3 in IP: Copyright, Trademark & Patent Issues

When representing any business client, you are responsible for protecting their work product and brand as well as seeing to it that they do not violate the use of the branding or work product of another company in their daily business practices.  Our seminar on August 31 will address all three of the significant areas relating to ones intellectual property whether it is a copyright, trademark, or a patent.

Through the use of very practical hypotheticals as well as real-world situations, our panel will explore and discuss the role of the attorney in both protecting a company’s intellectual property and properly respecting the rights of others when using third-party patented, trademarked, or copywrited property.

The Big 3 in IP: Copyright, Trademark & Patent Issues for the General Practitioner – 3 CLE
This program is no longer available as a Live In-Person Seminar. However, you can still view the Video Replay, the Online/On Demand Video or purchase the Publication of this Seminar by Clicking Here.

ICLEF • Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN

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