Five Tips for Negotiating the Agenda

Notes on Negotiation
Submitted by Marty Latz, Latz Negotiation Institute

Here are five psychological tendencies to keep in mind when tactically developing and/or negotiating an agenda (what issues to address and in what order):

1.  Listeners remember the beginning and end of a presentation more than the middle.

2.  Repetition of a message (within reason) increases the likelihood of learning and acceptance.

3.  Stressing the similarity of positions and interests will more likely lead to acceptance than focusing on differences.

4.  You will be more likely to reach agreement on conflicting issues if you link them to issues on which agreement can be more easily reached.

5.  You can often generate positive momentum by starting with issues on which all sides can agree relatively easily.


Marty Latz is the founder of Latz Negotiation Institute, a national negotiation training and consulting company, and ExpertNegotiator, a Web-based software company that helps managers and negotiators more effectively negotiate and implement best practices based on the experts’ proven research.  He is also the author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want (St. Martin’s Press 2004). He can be reached at 480-951-3222 or

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