Law Tips – Social Media For Attorneys: Part I

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook… and the list goes on of the social media that attorneys are currently using for professional connections. Yes, social media isn’t just a fad any more!  Hence, ICLEF’s attention to this topic in our recent CLE on Social Media for Attorneys.  The ICLEF faculty for the seminar pays off with jam-packed presentations serving up relevant food-for-thought.  Therefore, Law Tips will take up  a few “lawyerly” social media topics in the two-part series starting today.

First,  let’s take advantage of a faculty member who can knowledgeably discuss the “Blogging Aspects of Social Media.” Kenan Farrell, KLF Legal, Indianapolis, concentrates his practice in business and intellectual property, including copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent and privacy issues as they relate to technology, new media and the arts.  He fully incorporates his blogs into his law practice marketing plan. During his remarks at ICLEF’s recent webcasted seminar, Kenan pointed out that blogging gives you the ability to generate substantial publicity and leads with minimal financial outlay.  Among several reasons he lists for lawyers to blog are the opportunities to gain recognition in a practice area and to interact with clients.  Following are examples he gave of contrasting legal blogs, his and his fellow presenter, Ryan Bower’s:

•  Law Office of Kenan L. Farrell:

•  Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog:

•  Law Under Construction:

Kenan also provided several tips on tools that serve in making the blogging process easier and more effective. These links provide some examples of the benefits:

•  Scribd, easily post pdf’s and other documents:

•  YouTube, create your own legal channel to share information:  iclef youtube

Lastly, we’re sharing one more of Kenan’s many helpful pointers for putting social media to work in the law office.  Click below for some solid advice for any website or blog owner:

•  “How to Designate a DMCA Agent:  Kenan Farrell’s DMCA Advice


The above excerpts give a flavor of the helpful law practice management and marketing information in Kenan Farrell’s CLE presentation.  ICLEF’s seminar on “Social Media For Attorneys: How to Use It Correctly and Effectively Now That It Is More Than a Fad” covers many aspects of these technological developments in the legal profession,  from an overview of the tools for discovery, evidence and marketing to a review of the pertinent aspects of Indiana’s Lawyer Advertising Rules.  Should you decide you need this update, ICLEF’s  Video Replays are scheduled at various locations around Indiana in March. Click Here for a complete list of upcoming Video Replays.

Additionally, this seminar is available anytime, anywhere, through ICLEF’s On-Demand service.  You may choose your own time and location for this CLE.  Or, perhaps you have a paralegal or office manager that would benefit from this education.  He/she can schedule this two-hour seminar at their convenience.  Go to the website by Clicking Here for more information or give us a call, 317.637.9102.

Thanks again to Kenan Farrell for sharing his advice on the benefits for lawyers within social media.  Thanks also to you for reading Law Tips.  Your comments are always welcome: or

Stay tuned for more practical advice on using social media successfully in next week’s Law Tips – Social Media Part II. 

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