Ryan Seacrest’s Plan B: Notes on Negotiation

Written by Marty Latz, Latz Negotiation Institute

Ryan Seacrest’s contract to serve as the host of Fox Entertainment’s “American Idol” television show expires after this season and the parties are in the process of negotiating a new deal.  Seacrest has hosted the program since its debut in 2002.

Concurrently, Seacrest is involved in talks with Comcast, the owners of NBC Universal.  Seacrest has a contract with NBC Universal’s E! Entertainment and is reportedly being considered as a replacement should Matt Lauer decide to leave the “Today” show.

Having a Plan B and taking concrete steps to turn it into a practical possibility will improve your leverage in a negotiation.  Whether by design or not, this is exactly what Seacrest has accomplished here.


Marty Latz is the founder of Latz Negotiation Institute, a national negotiation training and consulting company, and ExpertNegotiator, a Web-based software company that helps managers and negotiators more effectively negotiate and implement best practices based on the experts’ proven research.  He is also the author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want (St. Martin’s Press 2004). He can be reached at 480-951-3222 or Latz@ExpertNegotiator.com

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