ICLEF’s Current Trends & Hot Topics in DWI Defense Seminar Lives up to Its Title!

Submitted by Mark A. Foster, Foster O’Daniel & Hambidge LLP & Scott E. King, ICLEF

We could not have selected a better title for the annual DWI seminar that took place on Thursday, March 31 at the ICLEF Conference Facility.  “Current Trends and Hot Topics in DWI Defense” was indeed the order of the day.

First, Indianapolis Defense Attorney John Tompkins’ topic about blood testing and the Department of Toxicology was preceded by Indianapolis Star Reporter Mark Alesia’s front page story about the Department of Toxicology on the day of the seminar.  In fact, Mr. Alesia was present for part of the seminar and took time to speak informally with some of our program faculty and attendees.  The Indianapolis Star article can be found here:


Second, during BMV General Counsel Elizabeth Murphy’s presentation a question was raised about SR-22 insurance.  Seminar Chair Mark Foster advised that there was a bill submitted in the House of Representatives on this subject, but he did not think it would be introduced due to other issues in the legislature.  However, later in the morning, he was notified that the bill was going to be added to the BMV bill that afternoon in committee.  ICLEF will keep you posted on the progress of this bill.

In addition to these most current issues, those in attendance were also educated on some of the more relevant case law and statutory updates as well as progress with Indiana’s recent growth in the area of special Drug and Drunk Driving courts.  Anyone who practices in this area will greatly benefit from this seminar.

Current Trends & Hot Topics in DWI Defense – 6 CLE / 1 E
This program is no longer available as a Live In-Person Seminar. However, you can still view the Video Replay, the Online/On Demand Video or purchase the e-Publication of this Seminar by Clicking Here.


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