Cross Examination: A Lawyer’s Time to Shine

Cross-examination has been called “the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of the truth,” by the United States Supreme Court.  In order to maximize the potential of your Cross-examination, you need to:  1) have a plan;  2) have clear goals for your Cross;  3) begin your Cross at the Deposition stage;  and 4) utilize control methods.  Implementing this planning takes on different strategic paths, depending on the type of witness you are crossing.  Led by Chair Robert T. Keen, Jr. of Carson Boxberger, LLP, our program on December 16 in Fort Wayne is designed to provide you with the tools necessary take your cross-examination to the next level.  Included will be tips from the late Irving Younger’s famous Ten Commandments of Cross-Exam!

Cross Examination: A Lawyer’s Time to Shine, Dec. 16, 2011 – 6 CLE / .5 E

This program is no longer available as a Live In-Person Seminar. However, you can still view the Video Replay, the Online/On Demand Video or purchase the e-Publication of this Seminar by Clicking Here:

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