Midwest Intellectual Property Summit

The 2011 Midwest Intellectual Property Summit will showcase presentations on the latest research and topics of concern in the field of intellectual property.

In view of the recent change in the patent rules/laws caused by the enactment of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, several of our presentations will explore the relevance of this new Act.  T.J. Cole’s Hot Topics presentation will include some cases and a high level report on that new law.  As well, Spiro Bereveskos is also planning to discuss its effects in his remarks on the Eastern District of Texas litigators’ panel.

The morning session will offer an overview of the key federal court decisions from the past 12 months and an in-depth report on Indiana’s trade secret laws.  Occasional copyright filers will benefit from an update and recommendations concerning the Copyright Office’s online filing procedures and new forms.  Litigators and prosecutors of trademarks alike will find the presentation concerning survey best practices useful for advising clients and winning cases.

The afternoon session will include a discussion of drafting advice specific to the rapidly expanding field of agriculture and biotech patenting in the U.S. and foreign countries.  Of particular interest to litigators, the Summit’s afternoon session will also feature practical tips and strategies to provide litigators with an edge in preparing for trial, including winning strategies for presenting to a jury based on the latest jury research in patent cases.

Following these presentations, panelists with experience litigating in the much-maligned, yet perennially popular, federal district court in the Eastern District of Texas will share their perspectives on how to navigate the procedures unique to this jurisdiction.  The panelists will also share their insights on those litigation and settlement arrangements best suited to this court and its juries.  If you ever wondered how you would respond if you got the call “we’ve been sued in the Eastern District of Texas, now what?”, then this is your chance to collect an arsenal of options and invaluable insights.

Our program promises to be the most current and relevant forum for those of you in the area of intellectual property and patent law.

Midwest Intellectual Property Summit6.25 CLE / 1 E
This program is no longer available as a Live In-Person Seminar. However, you can still view the Video Replay, the Online/On Demand Video or purchase the e-Publication of this Seminar by Clicking Here.

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