ICLEF Salutes our Veterans

To honor those who served our country, ICLEF extended complimentary admission to those who are either current or former members of our nation’s armed forces at two CLE seminars taking place on Veteran’s Day.

The first opportunity was Advanced Real Estate Law, a Master’s Series seminar, at the Blue Chip Hotel & Casino in Michigan City on November 10 and 11.  We were humbled to have had 14 veterans of the US Armed Forces join us for this two-day, roundtable-format seminar.  Among the attendees was US Army veteran David Stevens of Highland. “The invitation to attend this program was greatly appreciated. This format for a seminar was a great opportunity to address such complex issues that many attorneys would not otherwise be able to discuss within their own practice,” stated Stevens.

Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps veterans and brothers Paul and Andrew Giorgi, both of Merrillville, echoed the sentiments of Stevens. “The format of these advanced ICLEF Master’s Series programs is the best.  The informal setting along with the high caliber of the faculty and participants makes these meetings so useful.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

Our second opportunity was ICLEF’s annual Worker’s Compensation program that took place in Indianapolis on Veteran’s Day. ICLEF was honored to have in attendance 34 current or former members of the US Armed Forces. Their years of service ranged from 1951 to the present day.

Among them was Gaylon James Nettles, US Army from 1967-1989, who said “I want to say what a pleasure it has been for me to be involved with ICLEF for many years.  The gesture made today for the Veterans to be able to attend is greatly appreciated, and I thank you very much.”

Program attendee and US Marine Veteran Rafael Ramirez summed up ICLEF’s efforts and this significant holiday by saying, “Lawyers have a moral duty to advocate for Veteran’s rights as recognition for their past sacrifice.  What ICLEF did for us today as Veterans is truly honorable and the recognition is heartwarming.”

ICLEF was honored to have so many veterans join us on a day set aside to honor their sacrifices for our nation.  We are truly fortunate to have such citizens among the practicing bar in Indiana.

Pictured are 17 of the 34 veterans attending ICLEF’s
Worker’s Compensation seminar at the ICLEF Facility, November 11th

U.S. Army veterans and attorneys David Stevens, retired Lake County Judge Andrew Giorgi and his brother Paul Giorgi were among the 14 veterans attending the ICLEF Masters Series seminar Advanced Real Estate Law at the Blue Chip Hotel and Casino in Michigan City, November 10-11

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