Legislative Update 2017

Legislative Update for 2017 – June 14

May 17 2017

Join Senator Eric A. Koch and his faculty for this year’s Legislative Update. This program presents a look back at the key pieces of legislative activity that occurred during the busy 2017 session, as well as the impact they will have upon your practice. We will also take a quick glimpse throughout the day of […]

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Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These! – June 27

May 23 2017

SCOPE OF PROGRAM: Most serious legal malpractice claims and successful state bar disciplinary actions are brought not for debatable violations of arcane, ambiguous, provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct, but, in fact, for clear breaches of obvious, well-defined ethical obligations. (Don’t take money from the client trust account. Don’t sleep with the attractive domestic […]

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How to Say “No” & Preserve the Relationship

How to Say “No” & Preserve the Relationship – June 7

May 02 2017

In this program led by negotiation expert Martin Latz, participants will shift their mindsets and behavior from instinctive to strategic based on experts’ proven research. Next time you face a situation, you will systematically think about which strategies to use and have a framework within which to approach it. How you say “no” will then […]

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Elder Law Mediation – June 28

May 25 2017

TOPICS: • Differences Between Elder Law and Other Types of Mediation • Pre-Mediation Intake Screening and Who Should Be present at Mediation • Ethics of Elder Law Mediation • Understanding The Red Flags of Elder Abuse – Mental and Physical Effects of Aging That Mediators Need to Know __________________________ FACULTY: Samuel L. Bolinger, Chair Samuel […]

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